Funny Hindi Jokes

Doctor And Pappu

Doctor to patient : Ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai.

Pappu : Doctor saheb Pehle se zyada kharab ho gayi hai.

Doctor : dawai khali thi kya?

Pappu : Nai doctor saheb. dawai ki shishi to bhari hui thi.

Doctor : Are Pappu ji mere kehne ka matlab hai ki, dawai le li
thi kya.

Pappu : Ji, aapne dawai de di thi aur maine le li thi.

Doctor: Abe, dawai pili thi kya?

Pappu : Oho, nai doctor saheb dawai to lal thi.

Doctor : Abe GADHE, Dawai ko piliya tha kya?

Pappu : Nai. Doctor, Piliya to mujhe tha.

Doctor( in frustration) : Abe teri to, Dawai ko muh lagakar Pet
me dala tha k nai?

Pappu : Nai doctor saheb.

Doctor : Kyon?

Pappu : Kyonki dhakkan band tha.

Doctor : Teri sale, to Khola kyon nai.

Pappu : Saheb, aapne hi to kaha tha ki, shishi ka dhakkan band

Doctor : Tera ilaj main nai kar sakta.

Pappu : Accha Doctor saheb ye to bata do ki main thik kaise hounga

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