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Rahul Baba ka Interview

Interviewer : Let me check your word power.
Rahul Baba : Ok Sir .
Interviewer : Tell me the opposite of good.
Rahul Baba : hmmm… bad
Interviewer : Come
Rahul Baba : Go
Interviewer : Ugly
Rahul Baba : Pichlli
Interviewer :PICHLLIIII ??
Rahul Baba : UGLYYYYYYY.
Interviewer :Shut Up.
Rahul Baba : Keep Talking
Interviewer :OK now stop these all…
Rahul Baba : OK now carry on this all
Interviewer : abee… chup ho ja..
chup ho ja.. chup ho jaaa na
Rahul Baba : bolta reh.. bolta reh.
Interviewer : Areee yaaarr
Rahul Baba : aree dushmannnn
Interviewer : Get Out
Rahul Baba : Come In
Interviewer : Oh my God
Rahul Baba : Oh my Devil
Interviewer : U r Rejected
Rahul Baba : I m Selected……. I M SELECTED ??? REALLYYYY ?

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